Sharper Image AIRTUNE Wireless RF TV Headphone Grey (SHP924GY)

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Immerse yourself in your favorite movies, television shows or games with the airtune headphones, by Sharper Image. These noise reducing headphones wirelessly lock you into the big game, tune you into any FM radio station, and let you video chat all without disturbing others. Simply connect your transmitter to your television or compatible devise ( 3.5mm or RCA cable), turn on your headphones and enjoy your binge-worthy shows hassle-free. Not to be confused with Bluetooth technology, these headphones utilize RF to transmit signals so no need for a “smart” TV or device. Ideal transmission range in clear receiver sight is 16 – 20 ft. 4 x AAA batteries required.
"• Extended Bass
• Wired/Wireless Headphones
• FM Radio Capability
• Wireless chat"

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