Nespresso Pod Flavor : Stormio (10 Pack)



Flavor : Stormio

Size : 1.5 fl oz.

Origin : High-grown Nicaraguan coffees have a clean acidity and a green apple aroma - but deep roasting develops that into Stormio's roasty, bitter notes. The Guatemalan coffee in Stormio also grows at great heights - the rich, volcanic soils give their coffee its elegant complexity, a full0bodied taste, and thick crema.

Roasting : A dark and slow roast builds the rich intensity of these Central American Arabica coffees. A coarse grind helps keep Stormio's bold character - its full body and its coffee crema. When you brew Stormio it gets a long pre-wetting time and a high water temperature - it allows expression of the spicy, woody notes.

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