Nespresso Pod Flavor : Intenso (10 Pack)



Flavor : Intenso

Size : 1.5 fl oz.

Origin : The deep and powerful character of this blend is emphasized by a Guatemalan washed Robusta. It reveals subtlety and finesse not found in its unwashed counterpart. This rare find has the typical cereal taste of Robusta, but is smooth and round, attributes enhanced by the wet process. To complete the blend, Mexican and Latin American Arabicas bring the subtle aromatics

Roasting : We split roast the Nespresso Intenso blend. The Arabicas get a darker roast to lower the acidity and bring out that brown sugar aroma. The Guatemalan coffee gets a longer roast - it develops the Robusta coffee beans' bold and bitter notes. The split roast and specific grind give Intenso its lingering aftertaste.

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