Nespresso Pod Flavor : Decaffeinato (10 Pack)



Flavor : Decaffeinato 

Size : 1.5 fl oz.

Origin : We chose superior Colombian and Costa Rican coffees for this Nespresso decaf pod. Careful decaffeination of these Arabica coffees leaves the fullness of their aromatics all without caffeine. Love you long blacks and your Americanos? You can enjoy the blend of these two classic Latin American coffees all day long

Roasting : After the Arabica coffees are decaffeinated we split roast them to bring out the best in each of them. The Costa Rican beans get a dark roast to bring out the malty cereal note in this Vertuo coffee capsule. A long roast of the Colombian beans gets that round, smooth taste you'll love in this Nespresso Decaffeinato


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