Nespresso Pod Flavor : Alto Dolce (10 Pack)



Flavor : Alto Dolce

Size : 1.5 fl oz.

Origin - Notes of sweet sugar cane highlight the aromatic profile of this fully washed Arabica blend. The conjunction of three different Latin American coffee enlivens this round cup. The sweet and slightly mild notes unfold thanks to the Colombian Central Region, while the Costa Rican and South American washed Arabica beans reveal sweet cereal notes, with a touch of malty notes.

Roasting - Split roasting the coffees in this mild coffee capsule means we can use a slightly darker roast to develop the toasted bread notes in the Colombian. But you still get the soft caramel notes from the Costa Rican and South American coffees from the lighter roast. A medium extraction of this Vertuo coffee keeps Alto Dolce mild - the slowing flow towards the end looks after the body - gives it a good coffee crema - and keeps things in balance. 


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