Boutique Home Himalayan Salt Lamp (BHHL300)

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The glow of this Himalayan Ionic Natural Salt Crystal Lamp will beautify any setting and add a touch of class to any decor. When turned on, the heat of the lamp dissipates into the salt and emits negative ions in the air that help neutralize and remove positively charged ions and bad odors. The salt is hand carved from Himalayan salt mines resulting in each lamp have a unique design and weight (approx. 9-12 lbs.). The rotary style dimmer switch that is built into the cord lets you control the intensity. This product can serve as a great complement to meditation routines, bedrooms or living rooms, and can also make a beautiful and unique gift
• Freshens air naturally
• Unique one-of-a-kind shape
• Dimmable light
• Chic wood design accent base
• Enhances ionic balance by fighting off negative ions
• Between 9-12lbs ( varies due to unique cut and design)

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